chris murphy

humorous illustrator

I mostly grew up in heavily wooded, Redding, CT.  At about this age (eight), it was clear that I was an ambidextrous, dyslexic mess with a penchant for drawing, so really, it's no wonder that I fell into a career as an illustrator. After studying at Curry College, Emerson College and the Silvermine Arts Center, I embarked on my freelance experiment, learning as I go. Still.

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Partial client list: Boston Globe, New York Times, United Healthcare, American Greetings, Forbes Magazine, Houghton Mifflin Publishing, Weekly Reader, Highlights for Children, Plume Publishing, Hallmark Greetings, Farrar, Strause and Giroux, IBM, American Comedy Network, Dutton Children's Books, Designer Greetings, Xerox, ING, and many others, large and small.
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